Monday, May 25, 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that you appreciate

Today we are a generation of Internet technology with a high level of search engines. These methods have been investigated, that will save you the stress for the purchase of electronic books, and unlimited, and that the study will be discussed below:

1) Title tag - The name tag is the most powerful on page SEO technique you have, so that they can creatively! As in the title tag should only be one thing, the exact keyword for the site you are trying to optimize. Each site must have its own name tag.

2) ALT Tags - ALT-tags for text browsers because images do not appear in text browsers and the ATL label to tell visitors what it is. You should place your main keyword (the letters) ALT-tags but not about them, because you fell on the results or even worse, banned from life!

3) Code - Link Popularity is the most powerful SEO tool for all. Most search engines do not even consider a website, if available, at least one or two links on the website. According to another location (c) the link to your site is of great importance when it comes to your site a high rank. Your keywords should be in the link, and you have to maintain the keywords short. Upon receipt of requests for links, check links on the website before with them, or not spam (Repeat keywords, hidden text, etc.).

4) keyword density - it is also important and should be used in the investigation. You must enter the keyword (s) once in the title tag, as in the headline the day after are in bold, and the density at the age of 5% to 20% (do not). Even if the search term (s) with high and low on the web page, keywords (S) should be in the first sentence and the last.

5) Page Size - The site speed is important for your visitors and search engines. Why? Because the robot is able to spider the site faster and easier. In an effort to maintain its web site on the 5K and 15K in size.

6) Item range - search engines are looking for themes, more and more. Creation of content (articles, FAQs, tips, etc.), as far as possible, and web sites about 200 500 words. Create content that relates to its market and its relationship with other content to your site. Try to do 200 or more pages.

7) Web-design - it is also important if you want to get indexed! The text content should outweigh the HTML content. Pages should be checked, and is suitable for all current major browsers. Stay away from Flash and Java Script, Search Engines do not like much more.

8) Insite Cross links - it will help you make your web pages indexed by search engines. Your web pages should be no more than three clicks from your homepage. Link to the theme of quality of content through their websites. It will also help improve on your site. Each page should link to your home and your office (s).

Then you just have to make your Web site up to date on other readers did not lose today.

To your success!

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