Friday, December 26, 2008

7 simple ways Traffic at the new site

Do you have a new site? This is great, but nobody cares.

OK, maybe a little tough. The truth, however, that not only the site you very much.

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Many entrepreneurs I met were surprised to find when we look at the figures that shiny new website, they were not so long ago, little or no movement on a daily basis.

Many newcomers to the Internet for a mistake to think that just by purchasing the domain name and hosting, visitors are met - something like buying real estate and the facade of the occupied part of the city.

It does not work like that. The site is difficult. You can find the best site in the world with more resources and content and go completely unnoticed or ignored. It happens. This is now happening. Somewhere there in the ether beautiful new site is loaded with great content, because nobody cares. Poor one site.

But there is hope. Each side has its first days. Even sites that have hundreds of thousands of visitors a day started with none.

Here are 7 simple things you can do now to ensure visitors to your site.

1st get some quick links to lists of confidence
Link building is a long-term process with long-term goals, as well as Web sites without stories, you have to start somewhere. There are several directories, free and paid listings (depending on the editing, of course). Here are recommended:

* Yahoo!
* Oh, what a hell - this is a big list of directories SEOmoz after the score Trifecta - and start marker

2nd Blogger Home
Well, blogs are not for everyone (especially you bored people), but this is a great way for content that is relevant to your site on an ongoing basis. It also offers its visitors / customers a way to contact you. But please do not make a mistake than the "corporate" in his blog - make yourself a favor and check your cap on public relations at the door. Do not be afraid to talk about their mistakes, mistakes you made, and what did you learn from them, as well as its triumphs. In other words, the people, rather than brand.

3rd Consider paid search
For new web sites, the next day that you get all the data traffic, the need for the free search engines and other sources, it is a long way to go - if not just a chimera as a whole. Many times a paid search campaign, a great way to make your site to your target market today. Make sure that his modest budget, though, until he is convinced the return on your investment. Make sure that your keywords to find the research of low-cost "long tail" keywords - after high traffic keywords, and in May tempting, but it is too expensive and return on investment is often not the best of cases.

4th Article marketing to create links
As with any tactic, I would recommend using it in moderation. Article marketing is, in essence, is that the trade ties. It can help in the construction of the link, but the quality of communication that are typically less than stellar.

Here's how it works:

* Writing a news article on your site (or something)

* Add "About the Author" section, as well as links to articles appearing on your anchor text

* Send this article to one of the many services syndication element (for example, or

* The agreement means that anyone can come and publish your article on their site - provided that they comply with the item in its original form, including "About the Author" section. So, if the article was published, with links to your site, is also available.

5th Guest post relevant blogs
This requires virtually no doubt pre-investment, particularly in the construction of relations with bloggers in your topic (little brown-nosing never hurts), but it can help you turn the flywheel to your site than most anything can. Take time host of his remarkable post and smart - Host bloggers are accepted, and it is likely to increase the return on its web site (you link to his post as a guest, of course). Links from blogs are among the most powerful editorial links, you can - should not be underestimated in the second.

6th Submit your site to design the gallery
Is your site in the magnificent, beautiful enough for the angels cry? Yes, of course, is yes. But seriously, if it is strong enough, there are many web design gallery agree that the transfer of new sites and links to Web sites that feature. Especially for CSS initiated a series of design galleries, a bill on your site advertising (assuming that your site with CSS in the format / style - and God help you if you do not) - including, CSSHeaven. COM, and many others. Only Google Search for "CSS Design Gallery. If your site is ugly - in this case, I can not help you stop and ask me to watch.

7th sponsor local charity events or
Okay, I admit, this is a kind of extreme fatigue - but it works! Especially for small businesses. Is there an event in your community? Local charities, a Web site? Not only the sponsorship of the event, all the normal benefits of PR-(and self-righteous bragging rights), spin-off charity, but any Web advertising at the event can also be hint to your site and link will be. And you can feel good about themselves for change.

Bonus offer: a little patience
Well, this is cheap, I am born. Not so much in the forefront. But it is important to remember that you can not see the unique visitors immediately rocket your new site. Most "overnight success" actually have a couple of years to go.

And if you take control of their traffic numbers on a daily basis, please do us all favor - Step team, go swirled around the ball with his son, perhaps, his niece on the ice. Contrary to popular belief, look at your site traffic data does not have any positive impact on them.

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