Friday, December 26, 2008

Busby SEO Test and 5 tips for basic SEO friendly create Web sites

Busby SEO Test >> Simple solution to this problem is to implement the following tips SEO and spend the rest of his time creating links and content. These tips may be perfectly normal for experienced web masters, but if you're not with them, losing traffic.

Only a META 1st apply the names and descriptions for each page. Many webmasters to start their first website without META description and title to all the characters. Once you know that SEO wise, it is very important to do so, they add, but they are not unique. Each name and description must be unique for each page.

2nd Add HTML site map on the site. This page with links to key pages of their sites. If your site is small, it is possible to all parties, while the larger sites have links only with the most important pages. Sitemap to have to import some SEO optimization, as search engines offer a point where they find spiders all of your pages on one page.

3rd Target long tail of keywords in your south-pages. Long tail keywords are those that are not as competitive as their primary keywords. One of the goals is very competitive keywords for your index pages and less competitive keywords for all south-pages. Many webmasters have bad habits, the same few keywords in their entire site, as to lose valuable traffic to the inside pages.

4th Use underscore, bold, italic and strong tags on pages for each keyword. This SEO tip, which was very valuable. Search engines give more weight to words, with these tags. No more than you use these labels, at least two or three times reduced.

5th Use H1 and H2 tags with their primary and secondary keywords. Most small and medium enterprises attach great importance to words that are packed into these tags. Each page should have one or two targeted keywords at the top of the page. <h1> only add keywords <!-- h1--> for basic keywords, and the same for his secondary keyword instead of H1 and H2, the deletion of the room.

If you have not used the above tips in its strategy, SEO and then disappeared in the quality of traffic with the recipe. To implement these proposals as soon as possible, you will start noticing an increase in the number of visitors.</h1>